Looking for help understanding social media and new approaches of engagement with your current and future clients?

Many businesses are using social profiles to increase business reach.  It isn’t just a case of setting up a Facebook page, Twitter account, and getting on LinkedIn etc., it’s about getting some clarity of thought around  which social media profiles fit with the resources, commitment and ‘personality’ of your business. Let us help you to decide,  set yours up, and guide you on how to use them in the context of your own business, and ensure your company website incorporates your social profiles appropriately.

With extensive experience of social media, Digital Nomads can help you, whatever your social media requirements or challenges.

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To use social media effectively any business needs to invest in the following three things:-

  • Understanding the tools and how they should be used
  • Understanding their target audience and where they are most likely to be found online
  • Using the tools appropriately over time to build a community of followers and to engage in appropriate and meaningful online conversation

Social media cannot be used as a broadcast medium. No matter how fantastic a product or service, repeated ‘sales pitches’ over social media channels will serve only to alienate and turn away potential custom.

It is important that a business understands these issues and that a strategy is carefully considered before deciding to use social media for marketing.

Fundamental questions to be considered include:-

  • Does the business have the skills and understanding required?
  • Does the business have the time required to maintain ‘presence’?
  • Which channels should be used (e.g. if b2c Facebook is likely to prove more effective than LinkedIn but for b2b that will be reversed)

Social media platforms used appropriately can be great networking tools and effective channels to ‘get your name out there.’

Businesses large or small, from any sector, cannot afford to ignore the opportunity.

Digital Nomads can provide valuable advice and support. Get in touch today to discuss how we can help.