Recent delegate feedback:-

I was well confused about social media. So many questions and conflicting answers. Would it benefit my business? Did I have the time, resources and motivation? Could I manage it? Would I get ‘attacked’? Where do I start? And on it went.

Until I went to a Digital Nomads workshop, facilitated by Ken Eastwood. First impressions, he didn’t look geeky and he seemed approachable and friendly. So began the most amazing day.

Throughout Ken was open to our questions, immediately answered them fully and yet he kept hold of the theme he was focusing on. He answered all my concerns and made me think about things I didn’t even know I needed to consider.

The event was informative, enjoyable and most importantly I left knowing:-

  • What I want and need to do about social media
  • How to take the first steps

Of course I will trip up along the way. Ken made it clear this was fine. The resources he gives free access to will help and I know I can approach him for packages of support that will sort me out and stay within my budget. This helps me to feel confident to get started – I am not on my own.

I have been in business for 16 years and I know already that I will look back on this workshop as one of the most important days I took away from ‘doing’ my business to invest time in learning more about how to sustain my business going forward.

Dr Mary Holmes

Link to Development Solutions Limited


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