Classic Car Hire North

Contemporary website design boosts business and wins customer acclaim

Digital Nomads worked closely with Classic Car Hire North on the design and development of a distinctive new site for their business. Competitor websites were found to be quite traditional and similar in design so we recommended a more modern, mobile friendly site – choosing a clean and light style to allow the cars and graphics to stand out.

Moira and Richard contributed to site content population, after we provided on-premise training and gave access to our instructional videos and WordPress user manual. Digital Nomads also set up a ‘sandbox’ clone of the site, to assist Classic Car Hire North trial additional content layouts.

We also designed a stylised new logo, gift certificate, letterhead stationery and other brand elements.

Since going live, a Digital Nomads’ support and maintenance plan has proved useful to Classic Car Hire North, with support and advice provided on an ongoing basis as required.

Classic Car Hire North - Mobile responsive WordPress website by Digital Nomads

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Since having our new website from Digital Nomads about a year ago our business has increased dramatically. Other changes were made at the same time so you can’t attribute all the increase to the website, but equally the website must be a significant factor.

The thing we have noticed is that many of our customers have commented on it favourably (without being prompted), and they seem to particularly like it’s clarity and ease of use.

We think the website is great, but in the end it’s what our customers think of it that counts, and on that score we seem to have full marks!

– Moira and Richard Hall, Classic Car Hire North

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