The Digital Barn

Web designers and developers from across the UK filled Barnsley’s Digital Media Centre for The Digital Barn, a sell out tech conference on Saturday 22 September.

We were delighted to sponsor the event, which attracted 115 delegates, and to speak about 21st Century Business and The Future of Work.


Digital Nomads believe that we are living in the middle of a revolution that could impact upon work to the same extent as the steam driven industrial revolution of the past. Digital technologies are enabling people to work remotely, from home and other locations and this has potential to benefit individuals, organisations and society at large.

The session explored some of the opportunities and led into a lively discussion touching on tools but focusing on organisational and cultural changes. Several people could see the benefit in terms of reducing cost and the need to travel but there was an opposing view based upon one man’s lack of trust in himself (and love of Cheerios).

We arrived at a shared conclusion that one size does not fit all and that all organisations should focus on managing their people by performance and outcomes, instead of presenteeism.


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